소형 저울 scale kb2000 clever manual
요금저울 SpeedNet sc42 sc44 sc45 SpeedNet spec

바코드 라벨 프린터 저울 barcode label printing scale
SpeedJet 2

kps-50매뉴얼(manual kps50)

한글 kps50 manual: mankps50k.txt

eng  kps50 manual: mankps50e.txt

download program: 50down.zip

software hardware 설계

F/A, O/A 설계


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software hardware 설계

mcs 51 main board 24 Mhz :  Intel 계열 Assembly 어 calculation subroutine

    board size: 200mmx100mm
    pio port
    serial port ( rs232/rs485/rs422 control, micro lan )
    L.C.D. driver port
    cpu multi bus
    main code memory : 512k bits
    main data memory : 1 M bytes ( korean/hanja/eng. fonts included )

io and power board : A/D converter(16 bits) and power supply, stepping moter driver

    cpu multi bus connection
    florescent display driver

lcd board

    128 dot x 64 dot mono graphic display


F/A, O/A 설계

    pos system

    factory automation :

cnc coiling machine
cnc cutting machine
cnc counting machine
automatic wrapping machine
automatic weighing machine
calculation and bar code label printing