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 CEO Greetings

  5 years ago I was obliged to cease my scale man¡¯s life that I had begun at my early 30s because of the I.M.F deflation swept over the whole country on 1998.

  Until that time I invested my life to the scale business such as importing, exporting and manufacturing for nearly 25 years.

  But Nothing was left except the beliefs that the scale is essential instrument for the human beings and enthusiasm for the scales that is rooted deeply into the mind of the staffs who worked for me to make  the label printer scale which was developed on that time.

  All members who worked for 18 years with me had to seek after some way to continue the production of the label printer scale and met one partner who wish to establish new company.

  As for me, however, leaving all my  endeavor to be folded  I  devoted myself on studying  theology to find myself.

  For past  five years, the staffs who established Du Hong life  have been  producing the label printer scale and succeeded in launching on the domestic market. It gets a good reputation nowadays.

  Above all this, a wonderful quite something new, convenience and economical digital scale, named ¡°water beetle¡± is born in this year.

  I am greatly pleased to let you know their enthusiasm and dream for the scale is realized.

  Here I confidently introduce you this new excellent performance waterproof scale  which can be easily transformed into Portion  scale, Over and Under Limit scale, Counting scale by simple one touch operation.

  Please give your attention to the label printing scale too.

  Now it takes enough  field test  and proves good stability with high accuracy and versatile function in the domestic market.

  It shall make your business profitable, I firmly convince.

  It goes without saying that highly qualified electronic engineer will support your requirements that need customized market.

  Because of hardship in my life I get a quite new meaning of life.

  That is, life is entirely managed by God.

  May God bless you.

With love
Eui- Ho, Kang

35-55 Tongui-dong Jongno-gu Seoul Korea / TEL: 82-2-737-8260,1 / FAX: 82-2-3210-1777
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