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 digital scales selected by narrow quality test.


Label Printing Scale

Platform Scale with Printer

Weighing Indicator

Mini Printer

Load Cells

Price Computing Scale

Counting Scale

Platform Scale

Weight Scale

Crane Scale

Mini Platform Scale

Auto Check Weigher


Metal Detector                              




The specialist in digital scales for export markets from Korea can say now...the traditional markets in beautiful island of Sri lanka, modern department stores in Argentina...remote shopping stores in Ukraine and Russia...long street markets in Egypt...here and there in Portugal...modern hyper markets in Greece...industrialized factories in Canada and Australia...butcher shops in the Philippines...weighing machine manufacturers in Spain... merchandisers at Lima in Peru...as diverse in form, size, location and activity as they are, all of these have one thing in common. They each use digital scales, indicators and load cells supplied by Kushin Corporation. 

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